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Going to school…for WHAT?!

General Ho & Tsing [with unidentified Chinese ...

Image by State Library of New South Wales collection via Flickr

Nevertheless, without proper education, asian parents fear the worst. This includes their child joining a hippie rock band that sings only in english lyrics,…[sic]
– from “Stuff Asian People Like #51: Higher Education”

Oh yes, I not only joined one but FORMED one. We call it “Chinese Melodrama“. People are attracted to the name, and often ask us what it means.

I like not having a clear, direct answer to that question.

Come to think of it, it kind of reminds me of people asking me what my middle name was in elementary school. No one could ever spell it or pronounce it, and it eventually got to the point where I would just say, “Never mind. It’s my Chinese name.” That would be enough to shut most people up. Read the rest of this entry